Back from the dead

So I've finally got round to rescuing this blog from the dead. My last post was nearly 2 years ago. Hopefully I'll be able to keep it up for a while this time!

Originally hosted on Posterous, I started back in April 2009. In the process of bringing it back I've been looking over some old posts, and to be honest it was pretty shitty writing... But I guess that's how everyone sees their O.G. writing.

Unfortunately however, Posterous shut down in April 2013 and deleted all of their user's (my) data. Which I wasn't particularly pleased about, for obvious reasons. Luckily they did offer a backup service to download their data. Since then the blog (and the domain) kind of languished. Partly because I'm fantastically lazy, but also partly because I didn't feel like I had the technical skills to run a server. This is important to me as I'm interested in the indie web movement. I want to own my content in a place that I control.

Anyway, I used their backup to restore my data (by way of Wordpress) into a instance running on DigitalOcean. Hopefully, now that its under my control it won't be going down. I may even experiment with Ghost and other personal projects here too.

Why Ghost? I like they're "it's just a blog" attitude, and the Node, Express & Ember.js underpinnings. I'm patiently waiting on the plugin ("apps") architecture to have a hack around with it's guts.

UPDATE: I just remembered that its possible that there's some dead links on the blog. I've tried to restore as much as I can, but no guarantees :)