NaBloPoMo: The Review

I participated in National Blog Posting Month last month, a movement to get people to post to their blogs once a day for a month. I managed to do 28 posts in the last month, only missing two which I think is quite good.

Did it change anything in my life? I'm not sure... I certainly think about blogging more often, especially as I'm aware that a lot of my online life is on Twitter - a medium that I do not "own". I'm definitely going to keep up with posting a weekly list of the most interesting links I've found on Twitter, and I'll probably continue to expand thoughts or arguments that I made on Twitter onto the blog.

I think it was a really good to challenge myself to do something every day - even something as small as writing a quick post. I will continue to try and do month-long projects - I'll probably write about them a bit more on my other blog 30 Days rather than clutter up this main blog too much...

Drop me a comment below or tweet me (I'm @40_thieves) if you liked my blogs for this month :-)