A response to Dom Joly: F1 is not dull!

On Monday Dom Joly posted this blog in which he essentially says that F1 is dull. I like Dom Joly a lot - I follow him on Twitter and read his blog/column. Most of the time he's excellent, entertaining and enthusiastic. But this column is totally wrong - F1 is not dull, and this sentiment has been repeated so many times that I'm sick to death of it. In fact it's so drilled into people that many say it without properly watching a whole race! Its simply lazy and boring journalism, seemingly thought up because there's nothing else entertaining to write about.

F1 is a sport loved by millions, who obviously don't think its boring. In fact F1 is the most watched annual sporting competition in the world, and especially in Britain (7 out of the 10 teams that compete in F1 are British or have the majority of their car built in Britain).

To me, the whole attraction of Formula One disappeared years ago and it has simply become a multimillion engineering competition. I'd be much happier if they all had to use the same car and it was just a battle between the drivers, not the mechanics.

OK so Dom has a fair point here - the mechanics do have too much of a emphasis in F1 - as seen this season, by changing up the rules we've gone from amazing championship last year to a pretty boring one this year. BUT crucially this is down to the FIA changing rules all the damn time. If we'd kept last year's rules (anyone remember Hamilton taking the championship on the last corner, of the last lap, of the last race!) then we'd have another amazing season.

I'm surprised that more drivers haven't just thought about turning the whole affair into a different scenario. Renault should now hire Jason Statham and Vin Diesel as their new drivers and the Formula One engineers could turn their undoubted technical abilities to weaponry. I know that I wouldn't be alone in enjoying "Total Formula One". We could have oil slicks, front-mounted guns, smokescreens... I'm getting excited just thinking about it.

I know why don't we liven up Tennis by replacing the balls with time-bombs or something - that'd be cool, seeing all the guts of Federer flying everywhere. Or football - I always liked the Budweiser adverts:

So, you see, saying F1 is boring is simply lazy and boring journalism, that's been repeated a million times before. Slagging off someone else's favourite sport is pure snobbery, like slagging off someone's favourite colour. You can do better Dom!