F1 and the media

A couple of weeks ago the new F1 season started. And the controversy also started. Lewis Hamilton lied to the stewards over whether he had Jarno Trulli past while under safety car conditions. From the on boardfootage and radio transmissions it is pretty clear that Hamilton slowedto let Trulli past, despite saying that he had slowed to look at something on his wheel (full story here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/motorsport/formula_one/7985669.stm)

Themedia's response to Hamilton/McLaren's actions has been tiresomely predictable, condemning F1 as a dirty sport. Yes Hamilton lied, yes Shumacher and Ferrari have cheated in the past, but a few incidents in the past 10 years or so is nothing compared with the cheating in football. Footballers dive, deliberately foul and harass referees inevery single game and the media pretty much accepts it as normal. Why?! Why does the media discriminate against F1? And while I realise that football is trying to clean up its act after a bit of media whinging the cheating still continues. This compared to extremely rare incidents in F1.

F1, by and large, is not a dirty sport and the teams do not try to cheat at every opportunity despite what the media reports. The teams that do cheat are punished much more harshly than football teams every are (£50 million ring any bells?). F1 is a complicated sport and personally I think that is why F1 is so badly treated by the media - it cannot be summed up in a handy soundbite. Hopefully this latest controversy will soon blow over (to be replaced by the diffuser row, sigh) and we'll have a decent championship.

(first proper post, not too much of a rant I hope)