Paul Annett on Web Design and hidden Easter Eggs

A really good lecture by British web designer Paul Annett (@nicepaul). The hidden Easter Eggs hidden in the sites he links to really rock, some subtle and some not. Some are designed to be found and some I'm pretty impressed that anybody found them.

I kinda have a thing for little hidden ideas, for example, products from QMx have "geeky handshakes" hidden in them. I've got the Serenity travel poster set which look like retro travel posters, but in fact are posters advertising planets in the 'Verse. Anybody who knows Firefly/Serenity will know what the posters are about, but to everybody else they're just cool retro posters.

But most of all these sites are a real inspiration to me to make websites that excite and inspire others. I'm going to uni in September to do Computer Science/Web design stuff and I really want to make stuff like this: Oooh, that's Clever! (unnatural experiments in web design)