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Here's the last couple photos that I've got from the summer.

This is from my Overnight Climbing Workshop that I ran in the last couple of weeks with Joe (UK). We (climbing is always run with two people so we can have two ropes) had a German group who didn't speak much English, but we had some fun anyway. We hiked up to the Upper Hut - the mountain hut that the Centre owns at 1890m - in the afternoon, stayed overnight in the freezing cold (there was snow on the roof when we got there). The hut is only heated by a small wood fire and warmed up by cutting wood to make it fit. Then in the morning (as you can see it was glorious) we went out for some bouldering on nearby rocks, had some lunch back at the hut, and did some climbing (with ropes) and hiked home. I was a great 2 days of firsts for me - first 'real' time in the hut, and first outdoor climbing of the season (even though I didn't really get to climb properly).

15541588 IMG 0727

15541575 IMG 0726

15541558 IMG 0724

15541563 IMG 0725

15541553 IMG 0723

15541541 IMG 0722

15541520 IMG 0721

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15541498 IMG 0719

This season was the best thing I've ever done, and I loved every second of it, it's hard to put it into words. The place, the views, the job, and most of all the friends I made were are incredibly amazing, and I hope that I'll see everyone again at some point. I wanted to say thank you to everyone for being awesome. I'm going back for 2 weeks in the winter, and I'll probably apply to go back next summer as well, and I can't wait. Especially as Salla (FI), Sara (IT), Emmy (SE) and Pete (UK) are going back this winter - it's going to be awesome seeing them again and hopefully seeing some more people next summer. I'd definitely recommend going there as a guest or as staff to anyone.

C'ya in December! (I'll post some pictures up here then).