So it's that time of year: upgrading OSX and fixing all the Apache brokenness that inevitably follows. These are just some quick notes on how to fix it. ProTip™: remember to restart Apache after making a change to the config!

Primarily, the problems seem to be caused by Apple bumping the installed Apache from 2.2 to 2.4. Check out Apache's upgrade notes for the full details.

index.html.en in document root

An index.html.en file is added to the default document root (mine is /Library/WebServer/Documents), which overrides the localhost route. Its unnecessary and can be removed.

Index on localhost

For some reason, the Indexes option is defaulted off in the new Apache config for the document root directory. This means that the list of directories won't be shown. Add Indexes to the Options to fix this.

Vhost permissions

Apache 2.4 changes the syntax for permissions, breaking my default vhost setup, giving 403 errors on any locally-served site. Switch out any Allow from All lines with Require all granted in Directory blocks to fix this.

Enable PHP

Apache doesn't enable PHP by default, so uncomment the line loading the PHP module (LoadModule php5_module ...). Yosemite comes with 5.5 installed, but I've got 5.6 installed through homebrew. Switch out the module path to wherever homebrew installs it (check brew info php56).

Fix broken PHP 5.6

No idea why, but I had to reinstall PHP to get it working correctly. Something about Apache not being able to read the install correctly, possibly related to this issue. Run brew reinstall php56.