I was cleaning out some photos on my computer today, and I stumbled across some of my photos from my trip to Kenya way back in 2006. I went with World Challenge, an organisation that takes groups of kids (17-18 year olds) to awesome places around the world. I spend a month out there, doing a bit of the tourist stuff like the safaris and seeing a few of the 'Big Five'. We also had a 'challenge week' where we climbed Mt. Kenya, and a week working in an orphanage.

It was a fairly amazing experience, especially as we were in charge for each day - I personally had to organise us moving from Mombasa to Malindi, travelling on a fairly dodgy bus overnight. I think back with some very fond memories of the place...

21464261 HPIM0356

21464327 S4020276

21464275 HPIM0386

21464329 Whole group

21464278 HPIM0402

21464251 gMtk6 10

21464291 HPIM0454

21464287 HPIM0435

21464317 IMAG0102

21464293 HPIM0459

21464320 P8150078

21464323 S4020243

21464315 HPIM0612

21464318 IMAG0200

21464311 HPIM0603

21464306 HPIM0574

I just wish I had the rest of these saved on this computer...