So I like to listen to podcasts while at work. Nope, I don't find it distracting if it's specific podcasts. I like the background noise.

BeardedSpice is awesome for wiring up your Mac play/pause controls to things other than iTunes. Like the Pocketcasts web app. Unfortunately it broke recently, but here's the steps to fix.

Extra bonus: it now works in the Pocketcasts Beta 🎉

  1. Allow BeardedSpice to run JS in Chrome
  2. Restart BeardedSpice
  3. Grab the pocketcasts-plus.bsstrategy file in this gist
  4. Open BeardedSpice preferences and import it
  5. Enjoy your podcasts 🎧

Note: The file in the gist is adapted from this PR - thanks! I hope they merge it at some point.