WikiVLE is a Virtual Learning Environment that I built for my Web Client & Server coursework in Winter/Spring 2012


It's a VLE based around the concept of a wiki - all users can work together to create awesome notes about a particular topic that they're learning about. It's kind of a focussed Wikipedia (but nowhere near as good!). Users can upload files such as Powerpoint slides, PDFs and images; edit notes using Markdown syntax and log in using the built in account system or via the University of Portsmouth's LDAP server.

I've decided to open source it, mainly because I'm a big proponent of open source and I want to practice what I preach, but also because I wanted you guys to help me out! Hopefully we can work together (using the magic of Git) to make it awesome :)

The source is available now on Github, and I'm planning to put up a live demo sometime soon. If you're interested get in touch (see or fork the repo and submit a pull request.